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Sasol has established a reputation in the market as an employer of choice. Our bursary programme boasts an all-inclusive package recognised in South Africa for being highly competitive.

The South African Undergraduate Programme aims to attract exceptional young talent to the organization. If you have what it takes to become part of this exciting team, the Sasol Bursary programme is ready to change your life!

Bursaries awarded are for full-time studies for a bachelor’s degree (B.Sc. or B.Eng.) at a South African University and are offered to only South African Citizens.

Bursaries are only awarded in the following fields:

Engineering: B.Eng./B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Control Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Mining Engineering

Science: B.Sc. in Chemistry, Computer Science, Data Science, Geology, Metallurgy, Mathematics, Operations Research and Statistics (Please Note that an Honours degree is compulsory when pursuing all the Science fields).

Applicants must meet the following minimum Requirements:

Engineering:  Mathematics 70%, Physical Science 70% English 60% and must have obtained a pass in all other subjects

Science: Mathematics 70%, Physical Science 70% English 60% and must have obtained a pass in all other subjects

Candidates wishing to apply for the Sasol undergraduate bursary must meet the following minimum requirements:

Learners currently in Grade 12 or candidates in their 1st year of study this year must have the following:

  • Mathematics 70%,
  • Physical Science 70%,
  • English 60%, and
  • must have obtained a pass in all other subjects.

Students who are currently enrolled for B.Sc. or B.Eng. (have completed at least the 1st year of study at a university) must have the following:

  • A minimum of 50% in all subjects registered at University.
  • Note that priority is given to students with exceptional academic records.

Once applicants are open students may apply online each year. No hard copies or e-mail applications will be accepted.

The Sasol bursary is a comprehensive bursary which includes the following:

  • 100% of the prescribed university tuition fees, registration fees and exam fees.
  • An amount equal to the average rate for accommodation in a single room at a university residence at the university at which the Sasol bursar is studying. This rate is determined by Sasol in conjunction with the university.
  • An amount for meals based on three meals per day, as determined by the university.
  • An amount of approximately R12 000,00 per annum, towards book and pocket money


  • Prescribed tuition fees, registration fees and exam fees are paid directly to the university.
  • Students will be required to pay for any repeat subjects.
  • Fees for accommodation are paid directly to the university if the student is staying in university-administered accommodation
  • In cases where the student elects to stay in non-university administered accommodation, monies in lieu of accommodation and meals will be paid directly to the individual. In such instances, the amounts will be limited to that prescribed in point 2 above.
  • Book and pocket money will be paid directly to the individual.
  • Payments in respect of the above are made twice a year.
  • The first payment is made at the beginning of the first semester, and the second payment is made at the beginning of the second semester.
  • Full details of the payment process and the requirements which must be met are communicated to successful applicants once a bursary has been awarded.
  • Successful applicants will be bound contractually to work at Sasol after graduation for a period equal to the tenure of the bursary.

Steps to follow when completing the bursary application form.

New User

  • Click here to apply or visit the About Us page, find the Now Open block and select Click Here to Apply
  • Select Register
  • Fill in the required details
  • Click on – Create New Account
  • You will receive an activation email, click on Activate Account
  • It will lead you to screen to verify your email and to create a password
  • Upon creation, you will be back on the login page
  • Enter your email and password
  • You have logged in
  • Click on South African Bursary Application (Top Left Corner)
  • Click on Undergraduate Applications
  • Supply required information
  • Read the disclaimer
  • Accept the disclaimer to proceed by clicking on the white button turning it blue
  • You can exit the page once you receive a response on your application (which will also be emailed to you)

Previously Registered

  • Click on Login
  • Supply login information
  • The form will take you to the section you have not completed

Forgot Password

  • Click on Request New Password
  • Supply email address you registered with
  • A password reset will be mailed to original registered email address
  • Once you receive your password via email, continue with login process

General Notes

  • Make sure to fill in required sections.
  • Each completed section will have a blue mark on the navigation at the top.
  • The Save and Continue button allocated at the bottom of each section enables you to save your data. Click on this button before you exit or continue to the next section.
  • If a section is incomplete and you click Submit, the page will give you error messages.
  • You may log out from the application form and use the login screen to complete your application form at a later stage before date of closure.
  • You will not be able to edit sections that you have submitted.
  • If you need to make changes to sections email for assistance.

Submit Application Form

  • Only once you have completed all required information, you will be allowed to submit your bursary application.
  • Remember to click on the button to accept the disclaimer.
  • If you have any queries contact 0860 106 235 or email


  • Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.
  • Applications by e-mail and/or not submitted via the Sasol bursaries website will not be considered.
  • Applications should be submitted online only.
  • Applicants, who do not have internet access or access to an internet café in their area, may contact our Sasol Bursary Application Helpline at 086 010 6235 for support.
  • All applicants short-listed to attend an interview will be notified.
  • Selection interviews will take place during October.
  • Applicants will be assessed online by means of a structured panel interview as well as psychometric tests.
  • All applications should be submitted before close of business of the application closing date.